The Raw on Feeding Raw: Tips for a balanced and healthy raw diet for your dog.

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Curious about how to feed a balanced and healthy raw diet to your dog? Here’s the raw on feeding raw! 

1. Components – The first step to a healthy raw diet is to pay attention to what’s on the box when you buy your raw food! For a healthy approach, make sure your raw food tries to meet these percentages: 

  • A minimum of 65% muscle meat
  • 10% organ meat
  • 10-15% bone content

2. Rotate! – Balance is achieved by rotating proteins. The nutritional value from one protein type to the next (for example, from lamb to fish to beef) differs greatly and each dog’s nutritional needs are unique. In the wild, dogs would hunt different types of prey and this helped provide nutritional balance to the diet. When feeding a raw diet to your pet, you want to create a similar balance to ensure they receive a spectrum of nutrients. Dogs don’t need daily protein rotation, but need it over a longer period of time. We recommend rotating between 3-4 proteins per month. 

3. Supplements – It’s always a good idea to supplement for that extra boost of nutrients and to promote optimal health. There are a lot of supplements to choose from, but a good place to start is by:

  • Adding omega 3 (recommended: minimum of 3x per week)
  • Adding kelp (recommended: minimum of 3x per week)

Happy feeding! 

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