Introducing a New Raw Dinner for Kittens.

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It’s true folks! Our new Naturawls Raw Dinner for Kittens is now in freezers across Canada. So let’s talk about everything you need to know about feeding your newest family member!

Formulated to meet the nutritional needs of growing kittens, Naturawls Raw Dinner for Kittens features quality ingredients and has been created to complement our line of Naturawls Raw Dinners for Cats. 

Like all Naturawls raw cat dinners, our new Raw Dinner for Kittens is naturally taurine rich and includes trout for palatability.

100% Canadian made, this formula is antibiotic and hormone free and includes turkey meat, chicken heart, rainbow trout, turkey bone, chicken liver, quail eggs and pumpkin (a natural source of dietary fibre that helps reduce hairballs). 

Why are quail eggs in the new Naturawls Raw Dinner for Kittens you may ask?

Quail eggs may be small, but they are nutritional powerhouses! Quail eggs support healthy organ development and function and they are also an excellent source of B1, B2 and vitamin E, making them perfect for a growing kitten. 

If you’ve already picked up a box of Naturawls Raw Dinner for Kittens and are wondering how much to feed, we recommend feeding 2-3% of their anticipated healthy adult weight for their breed. If you don’t know what that weight will be, fear not, you can head over to our handy food calculator!

Are you wondering what supplements to add to help promote your kitten’s optimal health?

We recommend supplementing Naturawls Raw Dinner for Kittens with Baie Run Feline Omega 3 Oil and Baie Run Green Lipped Mussel. Why?

Baie Run Feline Omega 3 Oil is a pure and potent human grade fish oil with a balanced EPA + DHA ratio, making it an ideal supplement to aid in brain and eye development and will ensure the optimal health of your growing kitten

Baie Run Green Lipped Mussel is a whole food source of antioxidants, minerals and fatty acids that will help support healthy joints and limbs. It is also an excellent source of manganese which is found in abundance in the feathers and fur of the prey animals that wild cats would eat. 

When you pick up a box of Naturawls Raw Dinner for Kittens, you can feel confident you are giving your kitten the best start, naturally! 


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